New Website

Welcome to our new website ( which officially went live on 27 May 2014! This new site celebrates the 50th Anniversary which our school celebrated last year. Our previous site, a first attempt to engage in cyberspace, was an attempt to market the school in the hope that companies, individuals and other benefactors would come to read about our school and possibly begin to invest in our school. This time our goal is different as we have re-designed the site with our learners in mind. The selected theme is learner-centred and while it is not necessarily a ‘children’s site’, we hope to create a space where our learners themselves will contribute regularly to the site and in that way encourage their friends and other young people to visit the site. At the same time however, the site will also be used to provide useful information about events and activities, past, present and future.

We hope that you will visit this site regularly and we look forward to engaging with you in this exciting space.

Ernest Moore
26 May 2014