Life Matters – Inspiring the youth

Inspiring the youth

The LifeMatters Foundation fights against the education crisis in South Africa. They are actively involved in local schools where they aim to educate children in areas that are repeatedly sabotaged by crime, violence and gang activity. The Foundation hopes to take back the territory that’s been lost to poverty and crime, and restore hope to a generation of forgotten kids by exposing them to role models and running projects such as literacy, numeracy, counselling, life skills and occupational therapy.

As part of these initiatives, Jerome Davies delivered a motivational talk at Sullivan Primary on the importance of education. Fifteen girls from the school won a competition, where the prize included a visit to Stellenbosch University. Anne Engelbrecht arranged the excursion for the learners. They were shown a video of student life and offerings at the University, followed by guidance regarding which subjects to take for which degree. A walking tour of the campus followed to the Conservatorium, the Endler Hall, Gericke Library, the Launchlab, the Law faculty, the Neelsie and Coetzenburg

Jerome shares: “One has to plant a seed of hope. I come from the same area and fully understand the ravages of drugs, gangsterism and teen pregnancies that lead to hopelessness and despair. I understand the importance of having a role model and having big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs), and striving for what appears to be impossible. It makes you realise the challenges we have in our country and to be grateful for what you have, instead of continuously complaining about what we don’t have and what is happening in our country. We can all make a difference – there is no such thing as a small difference, as it’s not small for the beneficiaries. Thanks to Anne who managed to take something that was spur of the moment and make it a success. It’s great to see her gifts and talents in action. As usual, she was a star!”

Sullivan Primary –  Stellenbosch visit