Sullivan Primary School, situated on the Cape Flats, was opened on the 22nd January 1963. The school is situated an area rife with poverty, unemployment and gangsterism. Since most affluent families in this community now opt to transport their children to better resourced ex model-C schools in neighbouring suburbs, our school now hosts 600 learners, mainly from the impoverished communities of Lavender Hill, Seawind, Hillview and Capricorn Park. Most of our learners come from single parent families or are raised by Grandparents whose sole income is an inadequate pension or meager state grants. Single mothers who often have to eke out a living on minimal wages battle to keep their children at school while struggling, often in vain, to obtain maintenance grants from fathers who have either absconded or are incarcerated.

Our school, which believes in excellence in Education, continuously strives towards providing holistic education to all learners, irrespective of their social, economic, physical, religious or academic backgrounds. Our holistic approach recognizes that children have intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and aesthetic needs, and so we try to meet these needs through good class teaching, active extra-mural programmes, life skills programmes, regular excursions & tours and promoting arts and culture through drama, dance and choral training. This is not always an easy task and we are constantly faced with major challenges mainly due to financial constraints.